I’m a paranoid mess of anger and bitterness. I’m laying here at half three in the morning because I can’t get back to sleep. All I keep thinking about is what my husband might be keeping from me. Yesterday I found evidence on his phone that he’d been chatting with a couple of women and […]

Hurricanes Of Every Sort

The weather has mirrored my mood today- turbulent, grey and uninviting. Picking my daughter up from school was the worst school run I’ve done to date. The wind was ferocious and unrelenting, I had to take my daughter’s umbrella away because it was getting difficult for her to hold onto, and suffice it to say […]

The Crap Mental Illness Causes

I’m fed up with feeling this way. I’m fed up with mental illness and the crap it puts us through. I’m fed up with living a life that feels like it’s not worth living. I’m fed up with not being heard and not being understood. I’m fed up with wanting to hide away. I’m fed […]