What Do You Do When You Both Suffer With Anxiety?

Today is not a good day. I’m feeling very panicky and stressed and scared. Last night was stressful because my husband and I had a disagreement which resulted in him having a panic attack but I was being frozen in place by my own panic so I was unable to help him. Eventually I managed […]

Games Designed to Hurt

I feel like just giving up. Screw you life, I don’t have time for your crap anymore. Just leave me the hell alone. Let me curl up and disappear into nothingness because I’m done here, I’m just done. What the heck is the point? It’s probably lame to quote a TV show but I’m going […]

Hate and Anger and Facades

I don’t like putting on a facade. I don’t like pretending I’m alright. I don’t like being anything other than what I want to be. It blows my mind how selfish some people can be. Why should I feel guilty for looking out for my wellbeing? Why should I have to justify myself? I feel […]