My Little People

I love keeping up to date with the News, but at the same time I hate it. There’s so much misery and pain and depravity in this world that sometimes it overwhelms me with this sense of hopelessness. Of course there are good things too, inspiring things, happy things etc etc, but I’m struck by […]

Because I Am A Mother

There are times when I feel so guilty for having children. For bringing them into such a horrible world. I know life has good parts, but it has bad parts too, and I hate to think I can’t protect them from everything. I helped create them, my body was their safe haven until they could […]


Jealousy is like a disease. Once it’s taken root inside of you, it grows. Thankfully, it’s curable. But eradicating it from your system is not easy. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re infected with jealousy until something triggers it. Suddenly and without warning, you’re racked with insecurity and fear. It cripples. It sucks the life […]

“Hello Beautiful”

Yesterday I walked into my bedroom to get ready for bed and my husband, already lying in bed, said “hello beautiful”. It made me smile like I was a little girl again. It’s not like he doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful normally because he does, so I’m not sure why this time affected me so […]

Repelled By My Reflection

Yesterday I stood in front of a tall mirror and looked at myself. And I hated what I saw. I feel ugly, I feel disgusting, I feel repulsive. I’m not writing this for attention. It helps that nobody reading this knows who I am or what I look like. I’m just trying to get these […]

The Impossible Standard

We live in a world of ideals. Society has created specifications that we feel we must meet, and if we can’t then we are inferior and we fall short. Many people call it an ‘impossible standard’, and they’re right. Because if we are the sort of people who compare ourselves to others, then we will […]