I Am Anxiety And Depression

I don’t like school holidays. I love my kids, but I don’t like having to deal with them 24/7. And as my 4 year old girl is used to attending nursery full time she has a lot of energy to kill, which means hyperactivity, temper issues and disobedience. Argh. I feel like I’m not good […]


I’ve got so many big choices to make. I don’t have to make them right now, but it’s still daunting knowing that sooner or later I’ll be faced with them. One choice is whether to have any more children. I know my husband would like to have more, but it’s such a massive commitment, much […]

History and Its Cruelty

Each moment drags. All I want is for this day to be over, but time feels like it’s barely moving. I feel like such a disappointment to people around me. I feel like everyone expects more of me than I can give. People don’t understand what it’s like to live my life, to be terrified […]