It’s been one of those draining days where I feel like I need about 15 hours sleep in order to recharge. I’m just exhausted in every way. My brain is telling me to just put my phone down and go to sleep, but I find it difficult to consider doing that. I don’t think I […]

Weakness Becomes Strength

Yesterday was hard for me. I was panicked for a lot of the day, the tension in my stomach never really left for long. All day I was seeking distraction, but if anything worked it was only temporary. Today is better though, thank goodness. I’m feeling more at ease with everything. It’s a relief. This […]

Act Now, Panic Later

So…I managed to make the phone call! (The one I wrote about yesterday, see ‘Fear of the Phone’). It was scary but it went okay. Afterwards I felt strangely calm about it even though my husband was stressed about the way it had gone. Then I started feeling guilty for causing my husband such stress, […]