Hate and Anger and Facades

I don’t like putting on a facade. I don’t like pretending I’m alright. I don’t like being anything other than what I want to be. It blows my mind how selfish some people can be. Why should I feel guilty for looking out for my wellbeing? Why should I have to justify myself? I feel […]


Living and existing are not the same thing. To live implies purpose, a reason behind action and thought. A sense of identity. A moral compass. Hope. Joy. Plans. Excitement. Actually being bothered. To exist is much less. It is to simply be, without direction or necessity. No one needs you. You float through the world […]


Sometimes I think human beings are pitiful. We’re all just scraping by, perpetually searching for that elusive ‘happiness’, trying and failing to make sense of the world. I see it everywhere. Facebook, Pinterest, the news. Isn’t it all a bit pathetic? I mean, no offense to anyone. I include myself in my judgment. And I’m […]

To Be Broken

Once you’ve been broken, you’re forever fragile, forever scarred by the cruelty that destroyed you. Sometimes the cracks in your heart are invisible, but you’ll always be able to feel them. You’ll always know they’re there. Some say that you’re never truly whole again; that in the process of being shattered into a million pieces […]