Married Life

So on the bright side I managed to calm down enough to deal with my little girl last night. On the down side, I had a massive blow up with my husband this morning. We were both tired and said things we shouldn’t have, and even though he left for work on a good note […]

My Reality

Today has been another day when I have been reminded how much I despise anxiety and depression (as if I need reminding). It’s also shown me how having a cough and a sore throat, added to a great need for sleep, can exacerbate anxiety and depression considerably. And to top it off, my husband’s getting unwell too, which  triggers […]


It’s Father’s Day. I have a wonderful father, I really do. I know I’m very lucky to have him; a father who listens, who cares, who makes me laugh, who understands, who would do anything for me. I know his heart is breaking right now because his marriage is disintegrating before his eyes and there’s […]