Perks Of Time Travel

I am unbelievably tired. And time is passing unbelievably slowly. I just want 6 o clock to arrive so I can put my boy to bed and have blissful peace. He’s at that cute but infuriating stage where he’s incessantly curious, playing with everything he shouldn’t. He scoots around the room exploring and I love […]


It’s been one of those draining days where I feel like I need about 15 hours sleep in order to recharge. I’m just exhausted in every way. My brain is telling me to just put my phone down and go to sleep, but I find it difficult to consider doing that. I don’t think I […]


I’m laying here and I just can’t sleep. It’s not fair because I’m exhausted. I wish I could just shut my brain down, stop its obsessive over thinking. I wish I could stop my back from aching so I could feel comfortable. I wish one of my reactions to anxiety wasn’t feeling this need to […]