Today I cut myself with a knife because I want someone to care. I told my husband I needed him to be with me today but he went to work anyway. So I cut myself. It’s the first time I’ve done it. I just want him to care. For the record, the cut is pathetic. […]

Killing Instinct

Wading through the thick sludge that is my life, hating the pain and the impossibility of each step. Continuing anyway. Desperate for a reprieve, and yet every time I fall, every time I sink beneath the surface and become enveloped in killing darkness, instinct takes over and I thrash my way to the surface again. […]

Haunted and Broken

I’ve hit a wall. I didn’t blog at all yesterday and I don’t know why, except that I don’t feel very much like myself right now. I’m finding it difficult to put words together. I have no idea what I want to say. I feel like a mess at the moment. There are moments when […]