Life in Increments

I need to take life one day at a time. If I try to think about more than that, it quickly becomes overwhelming and reminds me how terrified I am of that future. But just one day…I can manage one day. So that’s all I’ll aim for. I’ll aim to get through just one more […]


So I haven’t posted in a few days, mainly because my husband’s been off work this week and he will be next week as well, so having him around has been a pleasant distraction from the norm. It’s been wonderful having him at home, especially as his holiday has included our anniversary (last Monday) and […]

Feeling Optimistic!

So today’s been okay so far, and since I’m feeling alright I’m determined to write a blog entry that’s positive for the first time in ages. Life is a struggle, but I am so grateful for moments like these when I’m able to keep the panic at bay. Who knows how long it will last, […]

Act Now, Panic Later

So…I managed to make the phone call! (The one I wrote about yesterday, see ‘Fear of the Phone’). It was scary but it went okay. Afterwards I felt strangely calm about it even though my husband was stressed about the way it had gone. Then I started feeling guilty for causing my husband such stress, […]

Is Change an Enemy?

I can only speak for myself, but one of the things I find toughest to deal with while battling anxiety and depression is change. Most days I feel like it’s an achievement if I’ve managed to keep myself and my little ones alive, and a big part of the way I handle that is through […]