Not entirely sure what to write about today. I’m finally seeing a (small) difference in myself physically as a result of going to the gym regularly, and it feels fantastic! I mean, it’s not like I’ve lost loads of weight or anything, but it’s enough that I can tell the exercise is making a difference, and that helps me keep my motivation up. There’s a quote on the wall in my gym that says something to the effect of: “One of life’s greatest achievements is knowing that, two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did.” I see that quote almost every day and I’m really starting to be able to attest to that myself. I can exercise harder and for longer now than I could when I started, and I’m sure my endurance will keep increasing.

Something else that is inspiring me lately is my little brother. I say ‘little’ but he isn’t really, not anymore; he’s 18 years old and over 6ft tall. But he’ll always be my little brother. Recently he left to serve in my church for two years, he’s in the US at the moment to study and prepare, and in a few weeks he’ll be moving to Latvia where his actual assignment is. He emails us every week and I’m just blown away by how amazing he is. He’s so brave and determined. It’s not easy, what he’s doing. He’s left home for two years to teach people about what we believe in, and to top it off he’ll be doing it in a foreign language he’s had no previous experience speaking. But he’s taking it all in his stride, refusing to be overcome by homesickness or the massive changes his life is undergoing. He’s staying strong, and in his emails his main point is always to tell us about the things he’s learning. I miss him so much but I’m so grateful for him and so proud of him.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for and even though it’s tough to remember that sometimes, I’m glad there are times when I can.

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