I Defy It

It’s like a weight pressing down on me, whispering hateful words and cruel judgements, accusing and condemning.

You’re not good enough. You’re a disappointment. You’re always a disappointment. You’re fat and you’re ugly and who could blame people for not loving you?

It’s voices in my head repeating vicious mantras, voices of the enemy, except if I listen closely I realise it’s my voice and I am the enemy, my mind, my self, my very essence.

How do you kill the thing that’s killing you if the thing that’s killing you is your own mind?

I hate it and I despise it and I defy it.

Depression you do not own me. You do not control me. You do not define me.

I am me and I am not you. Leave me alone. I will win.

I will win and you will die because I am more than you will ever be.

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