Bizarre Weird Strange Feeling

Bizarre thing. I’ve had two energy drinks today because in the past I’ve noticed that they can lift my mood if I’m low. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that it is dependent on the intensity of the low mood as to how effective the drink is. Right now, I feel incredibly low and yet I am also buzzing with this weird energy. I can feel it in my head. But my body is like, no sorry, we’re being miserable at the moment. Ugh. It’s weird. And it sucks because I’m still low. But in a jumpy, hyperactive kind of way. I don’t even think I prefer it to just being straight out low.

Conclusion: energy drinks don’t cure depression. They just make you buzzing with an energy you can’t use. Energy drinks give your body energy. But this lethargy I feel is more than just physical. It’s mental. So I guess it makes sense that a buzz from an energy drink won’t touch it.

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