If You Look Hard Enough

I’ve had quite a relaxing day so far. My husband let me rest a lot as I’m not feeling top notch, and he cleared up loads of the mess in the kitchen before he went to work. I’m so grateful.

So now I’m just chilling out counting down the minutes until I need to get ready to pick up my daughter from school. My son is in bed (awake, but still) and I actually feel calm which is really nice!

I found a quote that I think is applicable when living with mental illness:
“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”
It’s a cute little phrase and I like it because for us most days are not good. Not all good, anyway. Life is a constant battle with rare reprieves from the blackness. But there is something good in every day, if you look hard enough. I’m positive of it. Even if it’s the tiniest thing.

One thought on “If You Look Hard Enough

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