My Little People

I love keeping up to date with the News, but at the same time I hate it. There’s so much misery and pain and depravity in this world that sometimes it overwhelms me with this sense of hopelessness. Of course there are good things too, inspiring things, happy things etc etc, but I’m struck by the sheer volume of negative news stories. And to be honest I’m sure what I see on the BBC app on my phone is probably just a fraction of what really goes on in the world. I’m sure they only report the things of real interest to the masses. They can’t possibly report everything I’m sure.

It makes me fear for my children, for the world I brought them into and the world they’re going to face as they grow. Of course I try to shield them now, maintain their beautiful innocence and blissful naivetĂ©, but I know that one day I won’t be able to protect them anymore and they’ll need to see the world for what it is. I hold them in my arms, my two little people, and wish I could enclose them safely in my grasp forever. I wish that it would always be so easy to make it all better, a hug and a kiss and all the pain goes away. But I know things will change. It’s inevitable. They will grow, and as they do my hold on them will loosen until they are completely independent and no longer need me. The thought makes me sad.

But for now, I should live in the moment. My children are little and they still need me. I can still pick them up when they fall down and cuddle them to make things better. For now, they are still safe in my arms. For now, I will cherish what I have.

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