Radio Silence

I’ve been pretty absent from my blog lately. I’ve been finding it difficult to sit down and put my feelings into words. But I’ll try and re-commit to doing it more often.

As a brief update: my anxiety and depression is, I feel, on the mend. I’m still on medication (150mg sertraline daily) but I feel that soon I’ll be ready to think about coming off it. I’m noticing progression in myself in various ways which is exciting and promising.

My marriage is doing much better. We’re through the worst I feel, with regard to me trusting my husband, and I hope that we’ll continue to get stronger. I feel closer to him than ever, and even though we still argue and upset each other I feel hopeful.

The biggest thing that’s happening in my life right now is that my Mum has officially asked my Dad for a divorce. They’ve been separated for a while, she moved out and got her own place after she felt unable to heal fully from the mistakes she’d made (she had an affair) if she stayed at home. But there’s always been hope that they’d work things out. Now, however, that’s looking like it’s not going to happen. I have a lot of mixed up feelings about it that I won’t go into now. I’m finding it difficult though.

Anyway so that’s me for now. I’ll really try and do this more often as I know it’s helpful for me and therapeutic.

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