I Feel Sick

When I think about it I feel sick. Marriage is meant to mean commitment, right? But he’s been unfaithful to me. He’s said/typed words for other people, which should only have been meant for me. He’s exchanged images with people, so that they’ve seen what should only be mine to see, and he’s seen things he shouldn’t too. And with one woman in particular, he touched her in a way he should only do with me.

It makes me feel sick.

I feel violated. It’s like our marriage isn’t sacred anymore, because he’s shared sexual things with other women. Sometimes I look at him and have to look away, because I know I’m not the only woman he’s shared things that should be private with. Marriage is meant to mean something. It’s supposed to give even more solidarity to your relationship, an even firmer sense of commitment to one another.

I feel sick.

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