Because I Am A Mother

There are times when I feel so guilty for having children. For bringing them into such a horrible world. I know life has good parts, but it has bad parts too, and I hate to think I can’t protect them from everything.

I helped create them, my body was their safe haven until they could survive outside of it. But as they grow, they need me less and less. My daughter is at school full time, and she doesn’t even miss me. She’s just absorbing herself in learning new things. My son recently stopped breastfeeding, and I’m acutely aware of how much that has decreased his reliance on me.

It makes me feel hollow, to know that as they grow they’re going to be bombarded with different opinions and difficult choices. They’re going to experience pain, rejection, loss, heartbreak, loneliness, fear, anger. They’re going to cry innumerable tears and fight countless battles. I would give anything to save them from all of life’s hardships.

4 thoughts on “Because I Am A Mother

  1. You can’t save them from everything, but you can make it easier – your emotional awareness and empathy (as you demonstrate all the time on here) show you’re going to be there to listen, understand, and help, when those battles come for your children. This foresight must be terrifying, but the fact that you have it means you can help protect against the worst of it. They might help you find the positives in return x

    • Thankyou so much for this, it really helped. It’s comforting to know I’m not powerless to help them. I’m scared of what they might go through, but I will be there for them when they need me.

  2. I too, am afraid of the same thing. Not for my kids though, I don’t have one, but for my younger siblings. One is going to college next school year and it seems I’m more anxious than her. Haha.

    You’re right. We can’t always be by their side and that’s really a bummer. But the thing is, even the wrong things (along with the right things of course) make them grow stronger as a person. Now what we can do, and you’re right about this, is to be there for them, through the good and the bad. Sometimes what they need is a hand that brushes their tears aside and comforts them; it wouldn’t be different from a hand helping them get up.

    I hope your kids grow up as wonderful a person as you.

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