Jealousy is like a disease. Once it’s taken root inside of you, it grows. Thankfully, it’s curable. But eradicating it from your system is not easy. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re infected with jealousy until something triggers it. Suddenly and without warning, you’re racked with insecurity and fear. It cripples. It sucks the life out of you. It’s the kind of disease that nobody can take away from you. You need to overcome it by yourself. If you don’t get rid of it, it will fester and rot. It will transform you into a brainless monster, paranoid and hostile.

I feel jealous of people so easily. I desperately want to be free. But I don’t know where on earth to begin fighting this. It feels impossible. It’s an insurmountable obstacle. I’m doomed.

One thought on “Jealous?

  1. Don’t be doomed! It’s all about loving yourself, and learning what your value you is Christ! Once you turkey believe there will never be a more beautiful you, because you were a masterpiece created, there is no room
    For jealousy! More love for yourself equals more love for others, less space to let jealousy in! Know your worth! You are special!

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