Death By Anxiety

My anxiety is really killing me lately. I feel tense so much of the time, and it’s practically incapacitating me. I don’t know where it’s coming from. It might be a mixture of things. But I feel like the root of it might be the fact that my little girl is starting school in just over a week. It’s terrifying me. I’m so scared I’ve forgotten something she needs, or that I’ll get lost on the way or get her there late. It’s such a massive change and I’m just not looking forward to it. I hate change. I hate knowing my whole morning routine will be uprooted. Plus I’m so frightened of doing the school run. I never go out without my husband anymore because it panics me. I’m so scared of doing all this by myself, of being in a public place surrounded by lots of people I don’t know who will be looking at me and judging me and expecting me to talk to them. Just the thought is making me want to curl up and hide. Why am I like this? Why has anxiety wrecked my life? Will I ever be better? Will I ever look back on this time and just think of it as a bad dream,  something so far gone I can hardly recall it? I hope so. I hate this.

6 thoughts on “Death By Anxiety

      • Yeah, it was one of the first meds I was ever recommended to try because for anti-anxiety purposes the dose is 1/8 of what is used by thousands of people to treat high blood pressure.

        I’ve found it takes away my physical symptoms of anxiety, and I like it because it keeps your head clear. My GP said some private schools hand this stuff out right before exams. It certainly got me through my Final exams.

        It’s just an idea for something you might want to look into – when anxiety is taking over, this could make a real difference. I hardly ever take it, but keep a strip of pills in my bag for bad moments. Treating psychological issues with meds isn’t exactly the ideal solution, but it might help you get through!

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