Grinning Like a Lunatic…What is Wrong With Me?!

Today has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

First off, my husband left for work at 5:30am (as he has been all week so far) and that was alright, I’m getting used to it. Then I was woken up at 7:20ish by a loud knock on the door and it occurred to me that it might a postman bringing something I ordered recently. I’ve literally never gotten out of bed and thrown something on to protect my modesty so fast! Thank goodness I actually got to the door before he left (I know some of these people can be so impatient). I was so excited when I finally got to open the parcel and confirm my suspicions – with some of my birthday money from family I bought the entire Friends series boxset! I’ve been feeling like watching it for ages but haven’t been able to since we don’t have a TV, let alone Sky, and it’s too expensive to justify buying normally. But since I had money to spend I bought it…eek, I’m so excited!

So anyway then later in the morning I received a text from my daughter’s father (she’s staying with him this week) telling me she has chicken pox! Communicating with him generally tenses me up anyway, and this made it tougher. Thankfully, the conversation was amiable and reasonable and understanding. Hopefully no issues will arise.

Then, at around midday, I discovered that there was a WASP in my living room. A WASP. I hate wasps! I’m literally terrified of them! I barricaded myself and my baby boy in the kitchen while I attempted to calm myself down (which wasn’t easy as he was screaming because he wanted something or other). I cracked the door open a little and after spying on the evil buzzing thing for a few minutes determined that all it wanted was to get outside, rather than try to kill me. So I crept into the room so it wouldn’t notice me, then in a burst of adrenaline opened the window and sprinted back into the kitchen again and shut the door. Eventually I surmised that it would be safe to venture back into the living room so I did. But I’ve been on edge ever since that darn thing flew into my house. The audacity. Isn’t outside big enough?!

So yeah, this day has consisted of rather a lot of emotions. BUT, despite the wasp and the stressful texts and finding out my daughter has chicken pox and being without my husband and having a high maintenance little boy to deal with who misses his sister, I’m feeling pretty good! Actually, I’m feeling really happy! No idea why. Maybe it’s the prospect of watching Friends later. I really am incredibly excited.

One thought on “Grinning Like a Lunatic…What is Wrong With Me?!

  1. Maybe you’re high on the adrenalin of life 🙂 and dealing with challenges All By Yourself!! And having the Friends boxset is the bonus you justly deserve 🙂

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