The Toxicity of Hate and Blame

I wonder if having someone to blame helps or hinders. I feel like the reason my anxiety and depression is as severe as it is right now is my mother. I blame her. And at times, I hate her. I hate her when I’m so overwhelmed by life that I want to cease existing. I […]

Beneath the Surface

That feeling where you have to use every bit of willpower you have to stop yourself descending into a panic – I hate it. Sometimes I literally have to withdraw into myself, I close my eyes and cover my ears and block the world out and wait for the feeling to subside. It’s that feeling […]

Playing in the Rain

Not too long ago it started raining really heavily. My 3 year old daughter and I were upstairs in my bedroom and the window was open. She loves the rain, so we were both leaning up against the windowsill watching it. Then she asked if she could go out in the rain. Normally I’d dismiss […]