“I Trust You”

A newborn baby trusts people implicitly. Because they are so dependant, they have no choice. One of the most wonderful memories I have is looking into my newborn son’s eyes and seeing the complete innocence in them, the total and innate trust in me to take care of him.

To me, it’s interesting that we start in life trusting those around us, but as we grow hardship can take that away from us. A single bad experience with one person can abolish our ability to trust anyone and everyone. Trust becomes something that needs to be earned rather than a given. We begin to see the world as full of dishonest and untrustworthy people. We assume the worst to protect ourselves against disappointment.

Of course, this is a massive generalisation. I know we do trust people, but it just seems to me that we naturally find trust more difficult than doubt . For me personally, one bad experience where my faith was misplaced has scarred me and damaged my ability to believe the best of others. I’ve had to battle my instincts to trust those close to me, and it’s really difficult.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world was trustworthy? I fully believe that if dishonesty never happened, our culture and lives would be much happier and less stressful. Imagine if you never had to worry about locking your car or your house? If going out with children wasn’t so fraught with fear of them going missing? If there weren’t any worries of being ripped off or overcharged for a product or service? Everything would be infinitely simpler.

I think that even though reluctance to trust can make relationships difficult and add stress to our lives, it is an unfortunate necessity because otherwise we would be too vulnerable. It’s just sad because it means assuming the worst of people who don’t deserve it.

I wish the words “I trust you” weren’t so difficult to say.


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