It’s Father’s Day.

I have a wonderful father, I really do. I know I’m very lucky to have him; a father who listens, who cares, who makes me laugh, who understands, who would do anything for me. I know his heart is breaking right now because his marriage is disintegrating before his eyes and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. He’s in love with my Mum, but she stopped loving him a while ago. It hurts me to know how much he must be hurting. But he still smiles, he still laughs. He still invests time in the two of my siblings that still live at home. He keeps in regular touch with my sister and me who don’t live at home. He’s got a big heart, and even though it’s breaking, it’s still a good one.

He’s a hero in my eyes. Growing up, he taught me how a man should treat a woman. He taught me that I deserve respect and that I shouldn’t have to earn that. He showed me how a husband should love his wife. He led by example, and I found myself desiring one day to have a marriage like his. I remember an occasion when my Mum was conducting a church choir in front of a congregation (me included), and my Dad, with tears in his eyes, leaned close to me and said “Isn’t your Mummy the most beautiful woman?”

Because of my Dad, I knew I deserved to have a man treat me like a princess. Because of my Dad, I knew what true love looked like. I knew what respect sounded like. I knew that beauty was more than skin deep. I knew that love was more than physical attraction. I learned that marriage could be the most wonderful adventure.

I now have a wonderful husband who I know loves me. He looks at me the same way my Dad looked at my Mum. He treats me like a princess. And I’m so grateful for him as I see him now being a father to our own children. I’m grateful that he will teach my daughter that she is special and worth more than words, that beauty shines from within. I’m grateful that he will teach my son that he is special, and that while it’s good to be strong, it’s also good to be sensitive. I’m grateful that he leads by example, that he kisses them goodnight and tells them he loves them, that he tells me he loves me in front of them so that they know it. I’m grateful that he is such a strength to me when I am weak. I’m grateful that he forgives me when I make mistakes. I’m grateful that he is the man who is by my side now and forever.

I love my husband. I love my Dad. Happy Father’s Day.


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