Today I’m feeling pretty depressed. It’s remarkable really, how a ‘mental’ illness can affect so much more than just the mind.

Today I’m feeling exhausted. I’m feeling low. I’ve got a short temper. I have no motivation to do anything. I’ve felt sick, achy, unwell. I slept badly. My appetite’s all over the place. I suppose it shows the power of the mind, that it influences so many things at once. And if there’s something wrong with it, many things suffer.

I hate feeling so rubbish. I wish there was a way to snap out of it, but there isn’t really. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. There’s no rulebook for how to manage it.

Illnesses like depression and anxiety don’t have one simple method to fix them. And when progress is made it’s slow and fluctuating. You don’t alter deeply ingrained thought processes overnight. Sadly.

There are always people who’ll tell you to hang in there because the negativity will pass. I just wish that I could believe that in moments like this when I feel completely overwhelmed. And I’m just so tired, physically and mentally. I’m exhausted. I need a break.


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