To Be Broken

Once you’ve been broken, you’re forever fragile, forever scarred by the cruelty that destroyed you.

Sometimes the cracks in your heart are invisible, but you’ll always be able to feel them. You’ll always know they’re there.

Some say that you’re never truly whole again; that in the process of being shattered into a million pieces you inevitably lose some part of who you are that you’ll never find again.

Wounds take a long time to heal, if true healing is even possible. Scars will always mar the clarity with which you see the world. They’ll always get in the way of trusting anyone ever again.

Moments of beauty pass fleetingly, and at the end of the day you’re back to being reminded that it’s all just a distraction from the agony inside.

Once you’ve been broken, you never really get put back together.

This is how anxiety and depression make you see the world. It’s all grey and hopeless. It’s all about hiding how you feel and surviving from one moment to the next. It’s all about pretending you’re okay when you’re screaming inside for someone to notice that you’re not.

The mind can be so cruel.


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