I love the sun.  I love the sky when it’s blue.  I love the vivid green of the grass and leaves on the trees.  I love the sound of birds singing.  I love the way sunlight reflects off water in shimmering waves.  I love the sound of the wind in the leaves.  I love seeing ducklings following their mother duck on a pond.  I love feeling the peace nature brings.

I think nature is so powerful.  It’s so therapeutic, so calming, so peaceful.  I went on a walk yesterday and I loved just soaking up the sun and the colours and the beauty all around me.  It brought me such serenity, it filled me with a calm that was just wonderful to experience.

Being outside in the wide open space and the fresh air lends perspective to life. I was able to clear my mind and relax, I was able to allow myself to unwind mentally and emotionally. The feel of the warm air on my skin and the beautiful melodies of nature took me back to younger, more carefree days. I think that a warm, sunny day can’t help but make someone feel happier.

There was a moment yesterday when I closed my eyes and soaked it all in: the warmth, the sounds, the sense of calm. And I felt truly peaceful. I’m grateful for moments of serenity. I’m grateful that amidst the tumultuous noise of day to day life and the oppressive shadow of anxiety and depression, there can be moments of blissful contentment and peace. I’m grateful for these moments, and I look forward to the next one. Because I know that even though life can be tough, it can also be tranquil. So let’s live for the good moments, let’s endure the pain and sadness and be excited about the next time we’ll feel calm, the next time we’ll feel free.


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